Strengthen your programming skills, and maintain your coding warrant of fitness.

Maintain your programming fitness with short daily programming exercises. With a free account you can save your progress and track your programming fitness over time.

Currently we offer Python questions, and we would like to support Scratch and other programming languages in the future. The exercises are intended for people who have used Python before, but are not yet fluent. This site is not for learning how to program, but simply to regularly exercise what you already know.

codeWOF is a free website developed by the University of Canterbury Computer Science Education Research Group in partnership with DTTA to enable teachers and students in New Zealand to practice and maintain their programming skills (your coding warrant of fitness).

We also allow you to participate in research studies to help us improve programming education.

This website and all of its content is open source, and curated for you. It will evolve over time as we discover how to better equip students and teachers in their programming practice.

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